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You are ambitious You are experienced You are skilled Boost your career NOW

Maybe you’re no longer happy in your current job or feel drawn to something new and different. Whatever the reason is, you’re thinking about changing career. You are years - or decades - into your career, having spent most of your time getting to this exact point.

Now it is time to reap the benefits off all the effort you put in the years before.

Focus on your next level. Being successful and adding value for the best years to come.

Determine your route, prepare yourself and realize your goals.

Boost your career now!

Your Employability

Your career is yours to shape, maintain and to develop. Ensure your life-long employability - it needs a consistent plan. Make it work!

Your desired Job

Find the best next job. Prepare yourself for more success. You are in charge. Having a clear strategy and be well prepared. Get ready and act!

Your business Startup

You know the market is ready for your specific business idea. As an entrepreneur, you can pursue your passion. Get yourself started!

Our approach

We have in depth knowledge of various types of intervention and coaching methods. We combine them to offer you excellent service with the highest quality. 

Your talents are key in our programs.

Your personal professional consultant guides you through your program.

Our satisfaction is fully based on your growth and success. 

Our Community

We recommend you to join our community - be part of a group 

We provide the environment for professionals to share their knowledge, experiences and network.

Learning from others increases/speeds up your development with 50%.

It is the proven multiplier on your personal growth and success.

Prepare yourself for the best half of your career!



We love to help you!

Our Services


Improve your employability and be in charge of your career. Independent and full of trust. Your personal SWOT-analysis through an assessment, 8 individual consulting hours, including an action plan.

Winning application

Get the job you want. Having a clear tailormade strategy, optimized verbal and non-verbal skills, online and offline personal branding. Module-based. Individual 8 Consulting hours.


Discuss your everyday career topics in a small group of 6-8 like-minded professionals. Learning from each other makes you grow faster. Facilitated by a consultant. 4 times a year.

The Entrepreneur

You are the critical success factor of your starting business. Prepare your entrepreneurship with insights in personality. Determine what you need to do and what is to be efficiently organized. Personal assessment, 6 consulting hours and an action plan.

Stripe Ticket

Career coaching or business coaching as you want, when you want it. Lock your individual coach and sparring partner. 8 hours of coaching a year to ensure being successful constantly.

Startup your business

Your business plan based upon your why, how and what. A market-driven business concept and sales strategy structured within a financial base. All in an effective plan with a timeline. Module-based individual coaching.

Build your network

Working on your network is essential. Develop and practice your elevator pitch. Know and excel in network conversation and have insight into your online and offline network strategy. 2 hours of consulting combined with 2 group sessions.


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Why, why, why ?

Why does the sunshine? From where does the wind come? From where does the rain come? Children want to know everything exactly. They keep on asking, preferably all day long. I will explain how to use this to prepare yourself for applications.

SWOT yourself …!

A job for life is a thing of the past. Careers nowadays are much more erratic than before. Working in a job can alternate with self-employment, a period of leave or even unemployment. The responsibility for those switches lies more with the employee himself. Employees who actively and systematically work on their employability are less dependent on their employment contract.

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Wishing all our customers, friends and family a very merry Christmas and a healthy and safe New Year! Munich – December 21, 2019 Take the time to celebrate the holiday season……!

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