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Recruiters: How to select people…

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This is so true and omniversal ! Read the behavior of your people and then select the GREAT employees for making the difference in your organisation. Even when, on paper, a person has less experiences or skills then the other…. I have always selected/hired/promoted people based on Attitude and Potential over Skills!

How to sell yourself in a digital work world

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What to do… Of course, you can’t change your age, so it’s best to understand the circumstances and learn how to deal with ageism in your job search. 1. Don’t lead with your grey hairs f you don’t want your age to be the first thing a hiring manager notices, don’t lead by discussing your…

Welcome to 45PlusConsult

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Today’s job market is increasingly competitive—even for the brightest and best candidates in the field. If you’re over 40 or 45  and looking for a new role amongst fields of millennials, the current state of job hunting can feel overwhelming. Don’t forget – You’ve got more than a decade of work experience under your belt.…