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Why, why, why ?

By Roel Westra

Why does the sunshine? From where does the wind come? From where does the rain come? Children want to know everything exactly. They keep on asking, preferably all day long. I will explain how to use this to prepare yourself for applications.

SWOT yourself …!

By Roel Westra

A job for life is a thing of the past. Careers nowadays are much more erratic than before. Working in a job can alternate with self-employment, a period of leave or even unemployment. The responsibility for those switches lies more with the employee himself. Employees who actively and systematically work on their employability are less dependent on their employment contract.

Welcome to 45PlusConsult

By Fons Stoop

Today’s job market is increasingly competitive—even for the brightest and best candidates in the field. If you’re over 40 or 45  and looking for a new role amongst fields of millennials, the current state of job hunting can feel overwhelming. Don’t forget – You’ve got more than a decade of work experience under your belt.…