How to sell yourself in a digital work world

What to do…

Of course, you can’t change your age, so it’s best to understand the circumstances and learn how to deal with ageism in your job search.

1. Don’t lead with your grey hairs

f you don’t want your age to be the first thing a hiring manager notices, don’t lead by discussing your seniority and the many years of experience

 2. Don’t assume you are the only one experiencing ageism

Everyone is being wrongly judged in some way. For example, job seekers older than 40 think age competition is holding them back, and job seekers younger than 30 think they get wrongly judged for not being qualified.

Everyone is – or feels they are – being misjudged .  Don’t assume you are unique or being persecuted just  Accept it, and plan accordingly.

3. Make sure your resume and skills aren’t outdated

You wouldn’t wear clothes from 1995, so why would you use a resume format from the same era?  Redo your CV – make it modern and focus on the last 5 years only. No one cares on what happened 30 years ago – don’t focus to heavily on the past! 

4. Be easy to be contacted

Makes it easy for potential employers to get in contact with you – publish your (new) e-mail address and mobile number



Take control of your job search, and results will follow…..


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