Why, why, why ?

Why, why, why?

Why does the sunshine? From where does the wind come? From where does the rain come? Children want to know everything exactly. They keep on asking, preferably all day long. After each answer, there is a new question “Why”. It creates an endless chain of questions that tests our patience, and after three “why-questions” it gets difficult to answer correctly.

Q:”From where does the rain come?”

A: “The rain comes out of the clouds.”

Q: “Why does the rain come from the clouds?”

A: “Because the warm water in the ocean evaporates and makes clouds.”

Q: “Then, why is there no salty rain?”

A: “Uhm…” (…Now it will be more difficult to answer correctly)

I’m sure you recognize that. You can use this excellent in your preparation for an application.

A job offer always contains the desired skills. For example, you need analytical skills, should have a high awareness of quality or must be flexible and agile. Now I hear you thinking, ‚and how does that fit together with the why-questions of a child ‘.

I will explain how you change this into a technique to prepare for applications.

You want to be distinctive in your application. It isn’t very sensible to use the same words which employers used in their vacancy. To write in your cover letter that you are flexible and agile.

Ask yourself three times a first “why-question” and answer it. Then you ask yourself a second one about the answer you gave before. It might look like the example below.

Q1: “Why am I Agile?”

A: “Because I can easily deal with changes in my working life.”

Q2: “Why is it easy to go with changes?”

A: “Because I see opportunities and positive things in change.”

Q3: “Why do I see opportunities in change.”

A: “Uhm…”

Make sure that you also answer this third, and preferably also the fourth why-question. You will feel that it is getting challenging to answer because you are getting closer to your core competencies. That’s where the secret of your distinctive and personal application is hidden.

Now you can explain Agile with: Just dealing with change, seeing opportunities, being positive, and so on. It gives you the words for your application letter and job interview. It makes you distinctive and unique.

Try it with one of your skills. And believe me, it’s not going to be easy, and it will take time. The optimal result you get by doing it together. If you need help with this why method. Please send me an email, or call me. Glad to help.

Roel Westra, business coach

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